Molang Wikia


They are a white rabbit in a round shape. Molangs cheeks are a blushy pink and they've got black button eyes. Their ears are the ones of your everyday rabbit and as expected, Molang has got the typical little, round feet and arms that you find on every round mascot character.




The word Molang comes from the Korean 몰라 Molla/mola, which literally translates to "I don't know". Hye Ji said that the name 'Molang' came from "mallang~ mallang" in Korean, which means squeezy, soft, and fluffy.


Molang was invented by a university student in South Korea, Yoon Hye Ji on the platform KakaoTalk.

Molang was created from her scribble when she wanted to make her own mascot character. However, someone who had 'a rabbit character business' showed interest in her design, and that is how Molang appeared and became commercialised, having been turned into the main mascot of the Molang original Netflix series.


  • Piu Piu: Molang and Piu Piu are friends that live together in a house. Both are shown to be inseperable. There are several theories that they may be adopted siblings or relatives in some way. Molang is known to be the lucky and motherly one, while Piu Piu is rather panicky and the child of the duo. Molang often takes care of Piu Piu.


  • Molang was voiced by Bruno Guéraçague.
  • Molang is a gender-neutral being, not a boy nor girl, as it was confirmed by the creators on the official Molang website.
  • Molang loves Piu Piu very much.